The Farmer's Project

While we searched for answers in ‘Jannat,’ we learned two important things about ourselves: one, that we love the almonds in Kashmir, and that they are under-appreciated amidst the hype for ‘imported’ Californian almonds in India; and two, that we wanted to help the Kashmiri farmers who grow these almonds. We wanted to make a difference in a place where the beauty of Mother Earth and the struggle for basic freedom coexist.

The valley has been stuck in an internal strife for decades now. Life there reminded us of a bygone era. Stories of struggle and loss in the midst of what feels like heaven to city people like ourselves is a paradox that is difficult to digest. While we live in the age of Social Media and Live Stories, the farmers in Kashmir are stuck in a time where curfews and the military are a part of their daily lives. The ongoing political instability has caused tourism to decline considerably, making it hard for Kashmiris to engage in national and international trade. It was a heartbreaking realization that first and third world problems exist parallely in India.

Kashmir, also known as ‘Jannat’ (or heaven), is brimming with paradisiacal landscapes in every direction. Everywhere we looked, the landscape was picture postcard perfect. We wondered what life would really be like in the lap of such abundant natural beauty, and so we set out on our journey to the answers. Neither the journey nor the answers were straightforward.

Most of the almonds traded in India are imported from California (USA), therefore depriving local farmers of employment opportunities and potential trade incomes.

So we set out in search of the right farmers and settled on the two best ones, who supplied fair-priced and high-quality Kashmiri almonds for our business.

That’s how Fayvert came into being. We built a brand that supports local farmers while also providing the typical urban population with locally sourced, affordable, healthy food options; therefore catering to both third and first world problems.

The love, pain, and hospitality of the valley taught us how privileged our lives are beyond the paranoia of a warzone. Kashmir valley became very close to our hearts and is the soul and backbone of our brand. We take pride in creating products that are made from rich, delicious, Kashmiri almonds, while also helping families whose livelihoods rely on growing and supplying to our business.

Thus, with the launch of Fayvert’s first product, Faymylk, we are taking our first step towards making a difference. We hereby begin The Farmers Project with the goal to bring back economic stability in Kashmir. Fayvert commits to make Kashmir a steady supply state for almonds and walnuts and thus help families relive their economic freedom.