It is intentional. Mylk is not any milk obtained from cattle, which makes it dairy-free. Mylk is completely plant-based; made from almonds, to be specific.

From Urban Dictionary, “Using the word “mylk” also clearly distinguishes it from the common understanding of milk. It helps avoid misunderstanding when discussing vegan products and recipes, where the person wants to emphasize that it’s a plant derived product.”

The basic method of modern domestic almond mylk production is to grind almonds with water, then strain out the pulp.

Apart from almonds, Faymylk contains Acacia Gum and Filtered Water. You can read the nutritional value for the packs here.

Acacia Gum is a natural resin which is obtained from the sap of Acacia trees. The farmers collect the naturally hardened sap from the bark of the tree which is converted into various finished forms.

Almond milk naturally separates, and as it goes through distribution, it can settle, and never come back together. Without Acacia Gum, you would experience a pack with some thick liquid and some watery liquid. Acacia Gum helps ensure that everything comes back together when you shake the pack. Acacia Gum contains Water-Soluble Dietary Fibers (WSDF) that are not only good fiber for your diet but also helpful in keeping your cholesterol under control.

Apart from being lactose-free, almond mylk is also low in calories and sugar, rich in calcium, protein, and Vitamin E, and completely free of additives and chemicals. Plus, it’s easy on your conscience as it’s cruelty-free!
Yes. Faymylk is a 100% dairy-free alternative to regular milk.
Faymylk does contains nuts. Because consumer safety is our highest priority, we have extensive allergen management protocols in place to help ensure that ingredient commingling does not occur, but anyone with allergies should consult their doctor and check the allergens before consuming it.
During pregnancy, you should consume adequate amounts of all vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, vitamin D and potassium; all of which Faymylk has. It is safe for pregnant women to consume, but we still recommend checking in with your doctor about it, based on your medical conditions and nutritional requirements. It is safe for children above 6 months to consume for nutritional benefits.
Our almonds are sourced from the beautiful and fertile valley of Kashmir. We source directly from the farmers and traders to give the desired taste and quality.

Most of the almonds traded in India are imported from California (USA), therefore depriving local farmers of employment opportunities and potential trade incomes. We wish to support local farmers while also providing the urban population with locally-sourced, affordable, and healthy almonds.

For more information, check out #TheFARMERSProject.

Yes, Faymylk is completely gluten-free!
Yes. Faymylk is organically sourced and has no additives and chemicals.
You definitely can! Faymlyk is your tea and coffee’s new best friend!

A single pack costs ₹ 290.

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Faymylk can be stored for up to 6 months from the date of manufacture, when stored in a cool and dry place.
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