About Us


To produce soulful diet essentials that drive one’s quest to rediscover a truly healthy life.


To engineer genuine, health transforming products that are affordable, accessible, and favourable to the Indian market.

With the core intention of bringing a lifestyle revolution, Fayvert provides its consumers much needed and required plant-based products for everyday healthy living. Faymylk, Fayvert’s range of delicious and nutritious plant based mylks, caters to not just the lactose intolerant or vegan population, but also those who aim to improve their health, hence supporting the environment and opposing animal cruelty. Faymylk bridges the gap between expensive healthy products and an affordable source of nutritional options.

Meet The Brains

Puja Sharma

Fayvert was founded by Puja Sharma, a Business Analyst who worked in the UAE for over six years and then further spent her time in the UK and New York doing extensive market research on holistic health cultures and evolving food lifestyle among various sectors and communities. Her research further highlighted the true health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Manan Bhatt

Manan Bhatt, co-founder of Fayvert, joined this mission with his expertise in business, sales, and creative production; having worked with many established brands and startups, over the last decade. Since the inception of Fayvert, Manan has shaped the back-end logistics of production as well as the business plan to introduce Fayvert on the retailer front.

Together, both the founders have added soul and a powerful objective to create an affordable and healthy ecosystem in the non-dairy industry.